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Russ Gorrell named volunteer of the year at Bent County!

At the closing ceremony of Bent County KAIROS #7 (Bent County Correctional Facility in southeastern Colorado), a long-time KAIROS volunteer in attendance from another facility stated, “Something special is happening here at Bent.”
It’s all about a strong, active and vibrant KAIROS Community inside the prison changing hearts behind the walls. How does this happen? Here’s a hint: for the third year in a row, a KAIROS volunteer has been selected as Volunteer of the Year at BCCF.
In 2017, Karla Gorrell won the award; 2018 saw the award go to Carolyn Ehrlich; and finally, this year (2019), Russ Gorrell took the award home. All three of these volunteers are officers on the Bent County KAIROS Advisory Council.
The presentation occurred at the May 17, 2019 BCCF Volunteer Appreciation Banquet which was highlighted by an inspiring, scripturally-based keynote from Warden Jerry Roark. There were also many words of thanks expressed from Chief of Unit Management, Steven Salazar, Chaplain David Hestand and Faith-based program coordinator, Clara Casebolt.
Something special is happening, indeed.

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